Survey and Analysis


I created the survey on 29.06.2014, and began distributing it on 18.08.2014.

To avoid the survey receiving an unproportionately large amount of results from the age categories 12-15 and 16-24, I created a printable version which I then distributed round the HR and Sales departments of the companies: [will insert].

Alongside the printed copy, other methods of distribution included sending a link to people on Facebook, and via e-mail.

The survey can be viewed using the following link:

Survey results 2014


Of 100 responses, comedy was the most popular, particularly among the 12-15, 16-24, and 25-39 age groups, and male gender group. The following two most popular genres are drama and sci-fi, with 12% and 11% respectively, who’s main responders were 25-39, and 40-59 females for drama, and 16-24 and 25-39 males for sci-fi. Whilst we were surprised that action wasn’t as high rating as we expected, we predicted comedy would be one of the top  two choices.


The top choices, storyline and soundtrack, were predicted, although I was personally surprised that star actors/actresses wasn’t third. My surprise is a result of the my expectations following the observation of the popularity of the comedy and drama genres, and of the films listed as ‘favourites’, for the successful films tended to have popular castings.

Another set of features, the dialogue, voiceover, and written text, results were not unexpected. The written text option was more popular with those who chose drama, whilst voiceovers more popular with those who chose comedy and romance.

Trailer Lengths

Surprisingly, the standard feature trailer length the industry uses, 2 minutes 30 seconds, was the least popular amongst the 100 responders with only 16 voting for it. The most popular was the 2 minute length, suggesting that consumers want a significant amount of information to decide whether they will see it, but not too much, or stretched out for another 30 seconds for them to lose focus on the trailer.


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