Project Diary

29.06.2014 – I created the survey on

18.08.2014 – The survey went into distribution

06.09.2014 – My group was finalised to be Matt Houston-Oakley and myself

07.09.2014 – We started analysing the survey, and began discussing our potential target audience, genre, and certificate

10.09.2014 – Matt and I further discussed the target audience, and genre of the project. We also agreed when our meetings will take place, as well as set the deadline for the deconstructions to be 17.09.2014, which we will choose on the 12.09.2014

12.09.2014 – Matt and I discussed which type of film we would be creating from a choice of studio or independent. Having decided, we then went on to choosing which films we are going to deconstruct, some of which could be subject to change once I have cross-referenced the survey results. We have decided to set a halfway deadline on 17.09.2014, and a final deadline on 22.09.2014. As well as setting deadlines for the current work, we have also created a general timeline for each of the tasks for preproduction, including when we begin them, check them, and complete them by

22.09.2014 – Having checked our deconstructions for a final time we will be uploading them over the next two days. Today we discussed which conventions are present in the film trailers we deconstructed for the genres drama, and sci-fi, as well as general trailer related features. We have decided to begin thinking of a plot on 23.09.2014

23.09.2014 – We have begun discussing what the film’s plot should be, and what the characters will be like

25.09.2014 – Matt and I have finalised the certificate rating to be a 15

01.10.2014 – Matt and I began thinking about what features of the plot we would like to include in the storyboard for the trailer, and how narrative and genre theory could affect it

03.10.2014 – I began creating the first draft of the storyboard based upon our discussions

07.10.2014 – I finished the first draft of the storyboard, which we will go over tomorrow, to discuss points we think could be improved in terms of narrative and genre theory, as well as audience satisfaction. I also considered the names that could be suitable for the characters

08.10.2014 – We went through narrative theory in more detail, and adapted the plot slightly

10.10.2014 – Today I started thinking about the lighting that would be appropriate for the film trailer, and began the second draft of the storyboard

13.10.2014 – We decided to start deconstructing magazine front covers in preparation for creating our own

14.10.2014 – Matt began to look at locations and  cast for the trailer

16.10.2014 – I began to think about what we could do in relation to the trailers soundtrack

17.10.2014 – Costumes began to be discussed

20.10.2014 – We have begun to discuss plans for a photo-shoot during the half term as we prepare for filming once school returns, which will be of use when creating our magazine front covers and film posters. In preparation for this we have begun to deconstruct magazine front covers, continuing on from the few we did before this school year

26.10.2014 – Having discussed with our cast we have decided it would not be practical for us to carry out a photo-shoot during the half term, and will likely have it take place at the same time as the filming of the trailer

14.11.2014 – Like the magazine front cover deconstructions, we had done one or two poster deconstructions each before this school year began, today is the day I have begun to focus on deconstructing more, with the aim of completing my portion of the task for 24.11.2014

19.11.2014 – In preparation for an interview at a university for a Music degree I am beginning to create a plan for the composition that will accompany the film trailer. Once I have created a plan I will begin to research various techniques and effects I could use, as well as film composers, in preparation for the first version of the composition to be complete for the 2nd rough-cut of the trailer

25.11.2014 – Having discussed with the university my plans for the film trailer composition I have begun to look at the sites that were recommended to me to help me see what is commonly used in the industry

29.11.2014 – Today I have begun to research current film magazine names, in preparation to create my own

04.12.2014 I researched existing film magazines and made note of their names

08.12.2014 – Having completed the film magazine name research I have decided to name the magazine I create ‘Cinesis’. Matt and I also discussed and agreed on the title of the film to be ‘The Variable’

10.12.2014 – In preparation for creating the magazine front cover I have decided to compare the magazine front covers I have deconstructed to observe whether the main feature is a current, past, or upcoming film to help me decide what date could be appropriate for the magazine in relation to the film release date (which is yet to be decided)

11.12.2014 – Having begun research which relates to film release dates I felt it appropriate to discuss potential release dates for the film with Matt

14.12.2014 – Although the majority will be completed over the winter break I have begun to look at the orders of titles and cast in a few of the films I have deconstructed, with the aim upon completion to be a more informed decision of the order for our billing block/credits

20.12.2014 – Having looked at the main features of the magazine front covers I have deconstructed, I have decided to at the very least observe what type of secondary features of the magazines, to gain a stronger idea of how and what to present in my own ancillary text

06.01.2015 – Today I have begun to research current and upcoming films for those that may be appropriate for the magazine front cover I am to create. I also created site plans for the filming

10.01.2015 The film release date was decided to be November 2015

20.01.2015 I have begun looking at the types of primary and secondary articles presented on the magazine front covers I deconstructed, and will base those on my front cover off these

05.02.2015 I began creating the magazine front cover using Adobe Photoshop CS3

10.02.2015 The photo-shoot took place for the ancillary texts using two of the protagonists, Callum Perry and Jack Tulloch

12.02.2015 I incorporated one of the photos taken at the shoot into the magazine front cover I began the previous week

23.02.2015 I have adjusted the placement of several features according to the observations I made about the covers I deconstructed. I also began researching various topics related to film music to prepare for composing my own score for the trailer

24.02.2015 I finished the magazine front cover, adding the secondary articles, starbursts and a strapline. I also began the poster using an image taken during the photo-shoot on Adobe Photoshop CS3

25.02.2015 I created an order for the billing block/credits to be used in both the poster and the film trailer based off my observations of existing credits. I also added an inner and outer glow to the image on the poster, and attempted to cover the edges negatively effected by the glows, which created a mess that needed to be redone

26.02.2015 I created the credits using Adobe Photoshop CS3, and having restarted from an earlier save point to the problems caused the previous day achieved the results I wanted

27.02.2015 I incorporated the credits onto the poster and rearranged the placement of the text and image on the poster

28.02.2015 I collated the research about film music into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

03.03.2015 I adjusted the levels of the shadow within the image on the poster. I also began composing the film trailer music on manuscript paper

04.03.2015 I finished the poster by adding the production company logo to the credits and the BBFC 15 rating icon

07.03.2015 I began to transfer what I had currently composed onto the software ‘Sibelius 6’

12.03.2015 Matt and I reviewed the material for the trailer music, and have discussed what needs removing, developing and rearranging to make it more suitable for the trailer

13.03.2015 Today I changed the music following the decisions Matt and I made yesterday

27.03.2015 I reviewed the poster, and adapted it to create the final version

28.04.2015 The trailer rough-cut was finished

01.05.2015 Today the final trailer was completed



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