Film Industry

On 12.09.2014 Matt and I decided we would create a marketing campaign for a British Independent film. We came to this decision after discussing the following points:

  • Survey results: The vast majority of the answers given to the ‘favourite film’ section were Hollywood blockbuster films, however, several British films were mentioned, including ‘The King’s Speech’, and ‘Life of Brian’, amongst others. Several Hollywood films were also mentioned with incredibly low budgets, such as ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ with $750,000, and ‘Primer’ with $7000
  • Ambitions: Should either of us enter the film industry, in any position, we would most likely start in the British film industry. Due to this observation we decided it would be beneficiary for us to gain more of an understanding of this industry, be it a small amount
  • Distribution: Only around 50% of British films receive a distribution deal, and even then not many include a marketing campaign. For this reason, and having decided we would like to create a British product, we would need to focus on creating a high quality product.


To fund our film we would need to apply for funding through charities such as the BBC and the National Lottery, and through loans with banks, as well as seeing if any private businesses or individuals would be interested in pitching in. To raise the chances of being funded, which in turn raises the overall budget, we would need to present each of the potential contributors with a high-quality screenplay and script, which is why many indie films are considered better quality than Hollywood films, whose production companies can fund the films themselves. Despite the higher quality, UK indie films have an average budget of just a few million pounds, because the contributors want to limit the risks of losing their money, which limits what we can do with the film. One such limit would be that we would have poor or no special effects present in our film, since they require skills not present in the UK, and a huge budget only available in the US (in the western film industry). This final point would affect the potential of our film considerably due to its sci-fi genre, contributing to our decision to combine the genre with drama for a genre hybrid. This would limit our use of effects as we would need to focus more on the script and the interaction between characters, thus raising the quality of the effects we do use, or lowering the required budget.


Please follow the link to view the Prezi I created to present the information regarding a UK production company, DNA Films:


Please follow the link to view the Prezi I created to present the information regarding a UK distribution company, Revolver Entertainment:


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