Her Trailer

Audience and Institution

  • Year of Release: 2013
  • Country: USA/UK
  • Certificate: 15
  • Director: Spike Jonze
  • Top Billing: Joaquin Pheonix
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci Fi
  • Awards: Won 93/206
  • Production Company: Annapurna Pictures
  • Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Budget: $23 million
  • Revenue: $47,700,000 (Worldwide)



  • Mpaa logo Warner Bros. and Annapurna Pictures logos at the start of the trailer
  • All text written in lower case. This is to emphasize the romance part of the film as the text appears non aggressive and relaxed
  • ‘this fall’, telling the audience when the film is being released
  • ‘from spike jonze’ and ‘director of being john malkovich, adaptation, where the wild things are’, shows the audience who created it and what work he has previously done to try and draw fans of those films in
  • ‘joaquin pheonix’, ‘amy adams’, ‘rooney mara’, ‘and scarlett johansson’ credit cards used to draw the audience in
  • Title card at the end of the trailer


  • Lots of long shots showing the city
  • Lots of shots shot such that lens flares can be seen, reflecting the conventions of a romance film
  • Lots of close ups of Theodore, showing his emotions in hi evolving relationship
  • Lots of long shots showing the setting but with Theodore in the foreground


  • Voice over of the AI introduces the character as well as the plot
  • Gentle, calm music speeds up after the AI says ‘I’m Samantha’, showing the change which it will have on his life
  • As Samantha is talking to Theodore through an earpiece, we hear her as a voice over throughout the trailer
  • Tone of the trailer changes from happy, to serious once Samantha asks ‘what is it like to be alive in that room’, showing the drama elements of the film

Mis-en Scene:

  • Lots of use of the colour red, symbolizing love
  • Colour palette consists mainly of warm colours
  • All of the sci-fi elements in the film loock like they’ve been made by a professional company


  • Generally slow editing for a trailer reflects the romance/drama element of the film
  • Some cut-aways used to show as much as possible
  • Fades to black used to transition between shots
  • Title card shown at the end of the trailer



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