All three main characters are graduates of physics degrees, have no scientific standing, and are between the ages 23 and 27.

  • Michael is Hebrew for ‘gift from God’, suggesting that the character has strong morals. The name was placed No1 in 1987 and 1992 (the birth range for the characters), and No3 in 2009 (recent popularity). The alternative for this character was Andrew, which has the meaning of ‘manly, brave’, both traits of which the character in question has. The name was No6, No5, and No15 respectively for popularity.
  • Anthony means ‘highly praiseworthy’, which I felt would be appropriate as the name is for the character who does the most work, and has a strong desire to be scientifically recognised. The name rankings were No17 in 1987, No19 in 1992, and No10 in 2009.
  • Daniel is the name chosen for the character who is the least moral, and is Hebrew for ‘God is my judge’. Whilst the name is not as ‘hard’ sounding as I would like, the meaning is quite vague, for whilst most would assume the meaning suggests good moral character, I felt the name could also work for someone who isn’t – it could be implied that the character feels that the rules and consequences of other human beings are beneath him, hence his reaction the rules in the plot synopsis . This could allow him to do questionable things, however his name also implies that he will receive punishment in the end for the things he’s done, hence the prison sentence.

*The rankings presented in the above can be found at


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