Plot Synopsis

  • The film is centred around three physics degree graduates, who, between the ages of 23 and 27, have no scientific standing

One day all three are working on individual projects in a garage, when Anthony turns away from his project, from which a strange noise and flash occurs, and turns back to find a tool gone. After this he works on trying to figure out what happened, and theorised it to be teleportation. The group together then try to get it to happen at will, before creating a receiver platform. Michael then tests human teleportation on himself.

Later on they create three attachments that allow them to travel to a pre-set grid destination without a receiver, although they have to travel back via normal means, e.g. via a bus. When they have figured out how to make the attachment two-way, they travel further afield, and decide to attempt to get into a government property (just for the sake of it). A security guard notices them teleporting out and contacts a sector of government enforcement.

After the excursion the group grudgingly agree to create a set of rules: 1)Don’t tell anyone 2)Don’t get caught and 3)No illegal stuff. Both Anthony and Michael are secretly unhappy about rule 1), Anthony due to his want of scientific recognition, and Michael due to family problems; Daniel is unhappy about 3) due to his questionable morals.

Daniel, despite agreeing to the rules decides to go back to the building, and gets caught in a trap set by the government. He attempts to turn the situation round to his advantage by selling the government information about the teleportation system, but not enough that the government can complete it (leading to gruesome deaths for a few unlucky people). As the pressure increases for Daniel he tells Michael and Anthony, who become angry (Michael for moral reasons, and Anthony for his want of recognition). As the government track the three down, Michael escapes them, but when later cornered destroys the system.

The epilogue includes Michael and his now stable relationship with his family, Daniel in prison for ‘conning’ the government and indirectly causing several people to lose their lives, and later still, Anthony publishes his paper regarding teleportation to ensure he gained scientific recognition, albeit after his impending death, and the questionable uses the system may be used for by the government.


We have removed the group visit to the government building because we figured the government would track them down before Daniel had the chance to come back rather than waiting for them to return. This leads to Daniels visit being the original break in of the government building.


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