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Costume Designer

The Costume Designer (CoD) works in the art department under the Production Designer, and is responsible for designing, creating and obtaining all the costumes for the production from the lead actors to the extras, whilst managing the costume makers, time scale and budget.


  • After reading the script and storyboards and having a discussion with the Director, Producer, and Production Designer, the Costume Designer researches the historical period and characters in order to create accurate and appropriate costumes for the time period the production is set and the visual style the Director and Producers want to achieve
  • The CoD returns to the script and creates a script breakdown and costume plot detailing who wears what and when, with regards to complementary colours, textures, and styles. The Costume Designer then designs every costume and presents them back to those involved in the first discussion, with notes regarding colour scheme, texture, etc.
  • From this the CoD can determine which costumes will be constructed, rented or bought. Typically the main characters are those whose costumes are created. The CoD then establishes the budget and creates their team of costume makers/creators and specialists
  • The CoD should be on set whenever a new costume is worn for the first time, in order to ensure the performers comfort, make any alterations, and explain any special features to the relevant people
  • Once filming is complete the CoD’s job is to return any rented costume, and sell or dispose of the rest

Our Trailer

Anthony – We want Anthony to appear the most intelligent, and so have decided that using the stereotypical idea of a ‘nerd’ could be appropriate; although recently the image has changed to a relatively casual look due to media products such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’, in which the clothes are less stereotypical, as the personality traits are played up to focus on the characters relationships. Considering something along the lines of  straight-leg jeans, a white or grey polo shirt and glasses may be appropriate.

Michael – Whilst a less pedantic character than Anthony, we want him to appear mature, so we felt a smart-casual look would be appropriate for the character. Considering this we feel that a look similar to the one below would work well.

Casual smart

Daniel – We felt this character would wear the most casual clothing, consisting of jeans and a T-shirt, as this character we feel is the most aware of how others perceive him.

Government Men – We have decided to go with the stereotypical costume used for these characters, which consists of a smart black suit, white shirt, black tie, and smart black shoes.

Black suit

Security Man – We have decided to keep to the government theme, however without the jacket, as the character will be inside.

Black tie


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