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A screenwriter is someone who writes scripts for films. Due to this being a ‘pre-‘pre-production role, the screenwriter(s) generally need to have another job(s) to support themselves, especially as very few become prolific enough for the job to be considered ‘stable’.

Having written a script (or several) there are multiple ways of trying to sell it to a production company:

  • Submitting work to the BBC writer’s room:
  • Entering competitions to gain notice – some screenwriting competitions are asked to submit the top 10 or so scripts to various production companies to see if they could use one. An example of one such event that allows this is the Nicholl Fellowship:
  • Networking if possible with agents, directors, and producers (notably very difficult unless already in the industry)


Depending on which route the script was accepted by, and where (e.g. Hollywood vs. an independent British production team) the process of developing from script to the final product can vary.

– I will create a post presenting the different processes soon –


The site acts as a third-party site hosting links to various other sites and pdf’s of scripts used or unused in various existing films. I have included in the gallery below the beginning pages of the following pdf’s:

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Also on the site are pages under the link ‘Writers Resources’ that have been created to help script/screen writers correctly format their work, including one specifically for a script format: This page is useful in that it gives measurements from the sides of the pages for each type of instruction, be it character name, dialogue, scene change, etc., as well as the standard font used in scripts.

Another presentation of the script format for film can be found at Whilst this version does not include any specific measurements, it does make it easier for the reader to understand what should be included in a script and how it should be presented.

Draft Script

Matt and I worked together on paper creating this draft script, and I have typed it up for ease of reading. This draft was created alongside the draft storyboard as it helped us visualise the storyboard plot. Due to this being the draft script we have decided we won’t format it using the recognised script format.

Anthony- (hushed tones) ‘Pass that one over there’
Michael- (hushed tones) ‘Which one’
Anthony- (hushed tones) ‘The tool’
Dan- (hushed tones) ‘You’re a tool’
*Dan and Michael snigger*
Anthony- (hushed tones) ‘If we reroute the power then it might work’
Dan- *throws empty can in Anthony’s direction*
Anthony- *spins around* ‘Hey’
              *Turns back around*
              *Realises that tools have disappeared*
There is crackles of energy around where the tool was
Anthony- ‘Hey guys look at this’ *picks up can and throws it in the device, it disappears*
Michael and Dan ‘woah’ *they throw other stuff into it*
Michael- ‘Do you think we can get them back?’
*All three characters speaking technobabble whilst building the receiver to the teleporter*
*They finish it and everything they threw in sprays out*
Anthony- ‘Guys, I think we just built a teleporter’
Michael- *walks over and stands on the platform* ‘Oh god why am I doing this?’
             *successfully teleports*
*All three cheer and are excited*
Michael- ‘Ok we need some rules’
Dan- *sighs and grumbles*
Michael- ‘Ok rule one-Don’t tell anyone’
Anthony- (drunk) ‘You know I made a teleporter once’
Michael -‘Rule two-No illegal stuff’
Michael- (saying it slowly) ‘Rule three- Don’t get caught’
Government guard- (hushed tones) ‘My god, what is that’
Government guards- ‘Freeze, hands in the air’
Government agent- (Tone becomes threatening) ‘We know what you’ve made Daniel. Tell us how and we’ll let you go free’
Daniel- *Shifts uncomfortably*
*Montage of the rest of the film*
Michael- ‘what did you do’
Anthony- ‘hurry, they’re getting closer’
Michael- (shouting) ‘DANIEL!’
Government agent- ‘We will find you!’
Daniel- ‘I’m sorry’
Final Script
After some consideration, we decided there was too much dialogue in the script, and so have cut it down to focus on the rules regarding the teleporter, and the security guard to hint at government involvement. Due to the product being a trailer, we decided not to write the script in format, due to the scenes being very short and there not being much dialogue.
Written text: In a world where time stands still
Anthony: ‘We need some rules’
Written text: Three friends
Daniel: (sighs)
Michael: ‘We don’t talk about the teleporter’
Written text: Callum Perry
Anthony: ‘Rule two: no illegal stuff’
Written text: Take time into their own hands
Daniel: ‘Rule three: We don’t talk about the teleporter
Michael: ‘Don’t get caught’ (exasperatedly)
Security guard: ‘What the..?!’ (shock/confusion) picks up telephone
Written text: This winter
Written text: Jack Tulloch
Written text: Jonathan Whitmore
Written text: The Variable

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