Magazine Front Cover Development

On 05.02.2015 I began creating the magazine front cover using the software Adobe Photoshop CS3. Not having had a photo-shoot for the project I began with creating some of the text and positioning it. I also considered what colours could be appropriate for the magazine and decided on various blues and white, which connote intelligence.

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On 10.02.2015 the photo-shoot involving the actors for the film took place, the images of which will be used for the magazine front cover and poster. The following images are a the four images I considered could be most appropriate for the M.F.C, and have been labelled according to my preference:

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Having chosen an image on 12.02.2015 to use I cropped the background out using the ‘magic wand’ tool, with care being taken using the ‘quick mask mode’ to ensure it was done to a good standard. I then incorporated the cropped image with the work I’d previously done for the magazine front cover, resizing it to scale. I then spent time reorganising and adding text to the cover related to the magazine text work I did by observing the magazine deconstructions completed further. These observations and how they effected my work can be seen in the image below.

MFC Text Location


On 23.02.2015 I adjusted a few aesthetic features slightly to make the text more comfortable to read. This was achieved by using the blending option of a ‘drop shadow’, leaving the blue text on the ‘multiply’ mode – ‘Cinesis’ being at 40% opacity and ‘The Variable’ at 30% – and changing the effect to a ‘colour burn’ at 30% opacity for the white text. I also added a white border to the cover having been influenced by Sight & Sound’s covers. The additional/secondary articles were also considered, and have currently been presented in the style of Sight & Sound, however I may decide to change this as I further develop the magazine front cover.


On 24.02.2015 I added more secondary articles, as well as prizes that could be won through the magazine, using a colour slightly darker than the one used for ‘Cinesis’ on the first line of text for each to draw attention to them. These sections were highlighted with ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Win’ bordered by a box – the effect being similar to a star-burst. I also highlighted the ‘Plus’ with a box, and created a banner behind the articles in that section to draw attention to them. A strapline of ‘The critics film magazine’ was used to fill the space above the magazine name.

The slideshow below presents the difference created by using the darker colour on the first line of each of the secondary articles compared to that created by using only white text:

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