Magazine Articles

Reviewing the deconstructions I conducted of existing film magazines ‘Total Film’, ‘Empire’, and ‘Sight & Sound’ I noted the differences between both what articles the blockbuster magazines focused on to those the art-house magazine did, and how they presented those articles, in design and wording.

Primary Article/Anchorage Text

Magazine main features

As seen in the table, the anchorage text for the main features of the Sight & Sound issues creates links between the English language and the themes/notable features of the subject of the primary article by using ‘play-on-words’ (in which a word of similar meaning to what might otherwise have been used is used for humorous effect).

Whilst this is suitable for a more intelligent and selective audience, I would like the magazine to appeal to a larger range of consumers, and so perhaps something simpler would be appropriate. For this reason I have chosen to use “Teleporting to screens, the cast of [The Variable]” for the anchorage text; The text does have some word-play, in that it presents to the consumer the idea that the film is of current cinematic release, the cast of the film are new to primary roles, and there is a link to the theme of the film – teleportation. This decision was made after several ideas for the anchorage text were ruled out, including “Incorporating Sci Fi and Drama, HOT Productions experiments with teleportation”. This rejected idea in particular was inappropriate for anchorage text as it is too long-winded, and thus would lose interest in the primary article and magazine.

Secondary/Featured Articles

As the film is an independent UK product, it is more likely to be a focus for a UK art-house magazine similar to ‘Sight & Sound’. This leads me to the need to favour the conventions of the art-house magazine, although I will implement some of the features of ‘Total Film’ and ‘Empire’ to give the magazine a different perspective, including incentives such as prizes.

Having decided to focus upon independent films, though not discounted blockbuster films, as well as decided upon the film release date and magazine issue date, I looked for films that are expected to be released during and around November 2015. Using the release date calendar found on the following site: I looked at the various distributors, ratings and genres of the films before researching the production companies and other information about the films that I felt would likely be more appropriate for the ancillary text I am to create.

The following films are the ones I decided will be included on the magazine front cover are:

  • ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2’; This will be presented as “Francis Lawrence discusses ‘The Hunger Games'”
  • The following films will be used as additional articles in a similar way to Sight & Sound: “Arun Kumar’s ‘Red Throne’; Paul Lane’s ‘The Levellers’; Martha Pinson’s ‘Tomorrow'”
  • ‘Daisy’ will be presented as a prize: “[Win] VIP tickets to the premiere of Nancy Paton’s ‘Daisy'”

Other articles to be included are:

  • “The impact of social change on Science Fiction”
  • “The influence of film festivals on the UK film industry”
  • “Female directors and their take on Hollywood”
  • “[Win] An interview with the director of ‘The Variable'” (creating another link to the primary feature of the magazine)



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