Poster Development

On 10.02.2015 the photo-shoot involving the actors for the film took place, the images of which will be used for the magazine front cover and poster. The following images are a the three images I considered could be most appropriate for the poster, and have been labelled according to my preference:

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On 24.02.2015 I began creating the poster using the software Adobe Photoshop CS3. I began by sizing the image/canvas to A4 landscape measurements (297mm width and 210mm height). This was followed by using the dodge tool to brighten Callum’s left eye – in particular the iris, to draw attention to it. I also added text for the film title and date.


On 25.02.2015 I adjusted the font of the text to regular Myriad Pro as opposed to the bold font seen in the previous print screen. After duplicating the image and adjusting the image levels to make the outline of Callum clearer, before cropping the image. I then focused on the image, adding both an outer and inner glow of a turquoise colour. As seen in the top right corner the inner glow appeared where it wasn’t appropriate, and so I had to cancel the blending effects before lassoing and copying into new layers the sections of the image that interacted with the edge. I had to do this several times before I achieved a good result (e.g. the hand on the left). I encountered a problem with the jacket at the bottom of the, for the inner glow didn’t continue seamlessly, and in an attempt to fix this I used the spot healing brush, which caused further problems as seen in the print screen below.


Having used the spot healing brush too much to completely reverse the action I left the poster ’til the next day, 26.02.2015. I deleted the cropped image layer, and repeated the process of duplicating, adjusting the levels, cropping and using the glow blending effects. Having done this I then repeated the process of layering the sections interacting with the edges to cover the inner glow at these places with greater success than the day before.

I also spent time creating the credits/billing block to be used in both the trailer and the poster. The creation of the credits can be viewed within the ‘Poster Text’ section of this blog.


On 27.02.2015 I incorporated the credits onto the poster, adding the text for the top billing names, website and changed the text for the date from ‘November 2015’ to ‘Nov 2015’.


Having added the appropriate text I then changed various orders and placements, centering the text and making it clear to the audience who the actor is that is on the poster/is one of the main sellers of the marketing campaign (Callum Perry). I also reverted back to ‘November 2015’, and added the logos of the existing production and distribution companies.


On 03.03.2015 I lassoed and duplicated to a new layer the area on Callum’s face in dark shadow. I then adjusted the levels to make the area lighter before merging the two images and blending the edges of the two areas with the spot-healing brush tool.

On 06.03.2015 I completed the poster, adding the BBFC age 15 rating logo, and ‘HOT Productions’ (our imaginary production company) to the poster.


On 27.03.2015 I came across this tutorial below, and felt such an effect could be appropriate in my poster.

I created the effect following the instruction given in the video, cropped it and incorporated it into the final poster. As you can probably see the new image cuts out some of Callum’s outline, but I feel this does not detract from the image significantly due to the credits partially covering that area.

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