Shot List

Research – Shot List

The following information was largely found using

The shot list is typically used by the Director as a reminder of what is to be filmed at a particular shoot, and the Assistant Director who takes note of anything missed and calls for a retake. The Cinematographer is also given a copy, although they usually rely on instructions from the Director along with the other crew members.


  • Each shot has its own individual number – the advise given being that the first shot of the second scene and so on doesn’t return to ‘1’, but continues ascending
  • Professional terminology and acronyms, for shot type, etc.
  • Brief performance notes, e.g. ‘Charlotte falls down’
  • Some shot lists include the related storyboard image as a visual reminder

Research – Media Database

The following information was largely found using and

A media database, when created effectively, can provide a vast amount of information about a selected item. In relation to a shot list the database could present information on the cast, actions, camera movement, costumes, and many other things that would make the shot list useful for all those involved in the production, as opposed to the rather limited shot list. It can also be used to record companies renting equipment, potential freelance production crew, location research, etc., all of which can be used in future productions. There are multiple programmes that can be used to create media databases, however it should be noted that some are less useful for multimedia, whereas there are others that can be more appropriate for film-making:

“General database programs like Microsoft Access, Google Base and Filemaker Pro offer unparalleled flexibility but are not geared towards multimedia specifically. Avid Interplay and Final Cut Pro Server are just a few of the options available tailored to the film and video realm. Some are meant as a browser for viewing your catalog (DVDpedia, Delicious Library 2, MediaMan). Systems like Plex provide more of a media server/viewing solution. Others will help track the minutiae of production (TeleScope Video Manager). There are also a host of open source and free programs out there (K Database Magic). For more information on that, check out

Our Trailer

List vs. Database

Due to time constraints, and the reality that we are not creating a real media product, it is impractical to create a media database. Thus we are creating a clear list noting which shots will be filmed in what order with a few notes and which take we will use in editing.

Shot List Template

Due to each film director having various information included in a shot list, and therefore none being ‘standard’, I have downloaded a template (the ‘uber shot list’) from after comparing various user-created templates that can be found via the search engine Google.

Shot list template

Shot List

The shot list Matt created is of even more detail than the template, so as to try and create as high quality shots as possible.



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