Call Sheet(s)


The following information was largely found using

Features to include on a call sheet are:

  • The date of the shoot
  • Call time (include a line reminding all crew and cast to check the call list for individual times)
  • Title of the production
  • Eating times – the crew tend to have on-site breakfast before the final set-up check and filming; lunch is typically 6 hours into filming, and can be staggered to allow filming to end and restart promptly (i.e. cast eat first before having make-up and costumes redone, crew eat in the middle to allow equipment to be stored or covered at the end of the filming and re-checked before beginning again, etc.)
  • Shuttle/Travel information – have a map and main directions to the location. For those without transportation include a shuttle point and time from which drivers (in the form of mini-bus or taxi) can take them to set
  • Expected weather so as to allow crew to dress appropriately, and to allow time to reschedule if needs be; sunrise and sunset times can be included if appropriate to the filming times and season
  • Hospital address and phone number should be included towards the top of the call sheet in case of accidents or emergencies
  • The address and phone number of the production office and any in-voicing information the crew could need
  • The location of the First Aid kit and fire extinguisher, and who the safety representative is for the shoot
  • Scenes scheduled to be shot, including the scene number, scene heading, description, cast, pages, and location number. Include number of pages to shot in the form of ‘A b/8’ (e.g. 1.5 pages = 1 4/8)
  • List of crew positions split into departments, who are doing those jobs with phone numbers and individual call times
  • List of cast roles and the actors playing them, DON’T include contact information, include pick up time, make-up time, set call, and assigned number
  • Below the cast role grid should be a grid for the background performers and extras and their call times

The images below are is the 6th call sheet used for the film ‘Quantum of Solace’, and a template of a call sheet downloaded from the site listed above.

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Our Call-Sheet(s)

Due to our media coursework not involving creating a full-scale film, and not requiring a large amount of people due to our taking over multiple roles, our call sheets don’t need to be as extensive as those shown above. We will however include as many features as possible to reflect the call sheets used by real media productions. I have also omitted everyone’s contact details to protect their privacy.

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