Production Log

Thursday 19th February

Time -1 o’clock

Location- Kat’s Garage

Props- Teleporter, Garage tools,

Today we filmed the bulk of our trailer which is the creation of the teleporter in the garage which are scenes which will run throughout the trailer. During this we encountered a few problems; one of the main problems was the lack of space to manoeuvre the camera in and around the main desk, due to a lack of space and the angle the desk is positioned in. Another problem we had was the fact that our props we’re not the ones we had originally intended to use. We had planned to use the brake disk off of a car but we could not get on in time and used a filter from an old vacuum cleaner instead. This would be used for the first few cuts until we could substitute it. We also had a big problem with time keeping as we had originally planned to start at 12 but we had to push our schedule back by an hour to take into account the fact that one of our actors got lost on the way to the location.

Thursday 12th March

Time- 3 o’clock

Location- Havers Ally way/ Coronation Road

Props- None

Today we filmed all of the chase scenes in our trailer which will be used in the second half of our trailer. To do this we used a crane arm and a set of wheels to attach to the tripod to get some much more dynamic shots. One of the biggest problems I had whilst filming this was with the crane arm and the tripod. Neither the specialised tripod, nor the standard one could take the weight of the crane whilst it was moving, making it very hard to use it as it is supposed to be used. This led to a lot of takes, taking up a lot of time. However, we eventually managed to get some smoother shots which we can use.

Monday 23rd March

Time- 1 o’clock

Location- Green Screen

Twyford Industrial Estate

Props- None

Today we filmed some of the green screen footage. This was done so that we could create the teleportation effect which will be used in several different scenes. One of the only problems we faced when filming was with the framing of some of the shots as our actors were required to fall straight down and as our actors are quite tall, there was often bits of their head left in the frame. We had a similar issue in positioning our actor for the high angle shot as they often didn’t have enough leading room whilst still fitting in the frame of the green screen.



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