Editing Log

The following text was created by Matt:

The post-production of our film was created in a number of different editing programs.

When creating our first rough cut, I used Microsoft Live Movie Maker, which provides basic editing and composition tools to create an overall basic product. This software was only really suitable for use when creating rough cuts as it lacks many of the necessary features to create the trailer to a sci-fi film and amongst other things, once it has been exported there are often errors in the accuracy of the cuts and transitions, leaving small pauses between each shot. Despite this, due to its simplicity it was used to create rough cuts and to let our audience know the general feel of the production.

The next piece of software we used was Serif Movie Plus which is far more advanced than Live Movie Maker as it allows you to do many more things like video overlaying, multiple audio tracks and some basic video editing software. This was used to make a final rough cut of our film as it allowed us to have greater accuracy in our editing process and allowed us to start to adding things like the score and some basic teleportation effects. This was a good tool to use to let our audience group know how the film will eventually look, however, there were still errors in there, particularly with the framing which lead us to go through the film one more time.

The final cut of our film was made in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, a piece of industry standard software which allowed us to create our final film without errors. This was far more advanced than Serif and Movie Maker and gave us the ability to make a polished final cut of the film. One of the main benefits of using Premiere Pro was that it allowed us to make the final teleportation effect and make it look good. By using this program for our final cut we reduced a lot of the errors made during the previous cuts. By using Premiere Pro we could also use the Chroma Key tool make our teleporter effect. This was done by downloading a green screen teleportation effect found on YouTube and then using the online programme ‘KeepVid.com’ to download it. this was then imported into Premiere Pro and the green was masked out using the Chroma key tool. this effect was then layered other our object and a simple cut away was used to make the character/object disappear.

During the editing we received a lot of feed back from people in our class and our teacher including:
– Criticism about the special effect and how it didn’t look realistic
– Criticism about the order of shots and how it looked too much like and opening sequence
– Lack of titles and taglines in the trailer

These criticisms lead to us making various changes during the editing including a complete revamp of the order of shots and events in the trailer after the first cut. In the second cut we also added new place holder titles and taglines that better reflected our genre before finally setting on final ones in our last cut. Another change we made was the effect which had been a swirling green screen beam effect (as seen in the first video below) we later settled for a simpler blue one (as seen in the second video below) which also better reflected our house colour style.


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